Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge !!

Hey All !!

Sorry it’s been a while. I have been so so busy that i have not had time to post.

Please take some time to thank a dad for being a dad.   Also give your kids a big hug today and tell them you love them with all your heart.  Many time we get to busy to tell our children we love them.  Also make a effort  to play with your kids often.  they want you not your money, unless they are a teenagers.  LOL!  Remember father’s day is June 15th this year.  Give your dad a call and if he is not on this earth, then say a prayer for him.

Alright be good and do good work.


Paul D Cookson  AKA  The Stay@ Home Dad!!

Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge!

Dads not being lazy

Being a stay@ Home Dad is not being lazy.  All dads who stay at home have a job, that job is to care for children and a household.   So to the people out there get with the program and learn to love the stay @ home dads.


Paul D Cookson   AKA The Stay@Home dad

Dad’a Daily Dose Of Knowledge !

When to let your child Text and Facetime!

Dads this is the tech age of all of us.  Phones,pads,computers and so on.

This is where you need to teach your child and be there to monitor them as they use this high tech devices.   Be careful to check on them and what they are watching and  who they are talking to.  Be Safe !!  Check on line about keeping your kids safe in a tech world.

Thanks, Paul D Cookson   AKA The Stay@ Home Dad.

Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge!

When Mom Goes out of town!

Dads when your spouse leaves on a trip and you are left with the kids what do you do first?  Do you eat out every meal. Do you let the kids do what ever the want to?

Do you just go crazy. Well we eat crazy foods, we have a fun type of  funny party time.

we dance,eat pizza,stay up past our bed time, except on school nights. We just go crazy.  Then we clean the day before mom comes home, I mean clean clean, just like she left it when she went on her trip. no harm done.  YAY!!!

Good job dads!!    Thanks ,Paul D Cookson  AKA The Stay @ Home Dad.


Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge!

Being a Father/Dad is a Gift.

remember the first time you found out your wife was pregnant? You thought or said WHAT! When! HOW!!  OMGoodness.  After you calmed down and took a couple of deep breaths you where ok.   Some dads where thrilled others where lost and some said wooo hooo!!

Then when you saw your child it was love at first sight.  So many things go through your head.  Then fears and worries come next, but now you can be part of a very special club called father hood.   A gift from GOD to you and your wife, a little person.  A little one who needs you both 24/7 365 a year.  Love fills your heart and you say hello my little girl or boy or twins or more!!  So being a dad is a gift of love and a gift that you are to raise and guide.

So remember to share ,love, care, guide,teach,love, discipline, love, hug,kiss, and watch your little one grow into a good person you hope they will be because of you and your wife.

Happy dad days.

Thanks, Paul D Cookson  AKA The Stay @ Home Dad.

Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge!

Very Very Cold Temps. Frostbite Warning !!

Dads and I;m including moms as well please dress your children as you would dress yourself for the very cold temperatures outside.  The wind chill is the worst, you can get frost bite within minutes.  Your exposed skins will freeze and  you will get frostbite.   Please remember that your children’s skin is very sensitive.   Keep your precious little ones warm and safe!

Thanks, Paul D Cookson  AKA The Stay @ Home Dad.

Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge !

Kids Dining !

Has this ever happen to you when you get to a restaurant and your child say’s I do not want anything here, I want  Chick-Fil-A well we are a  nice  sit down restaurant and they do have chicken fingers they also have pizza for kids. No. I want Chick-Fil-A.  I said no you have to eat something here.

Well they don’t and then they want to go home. I told her (my daughter) that she can get something on the way home. So we did.  But every parent is different so I say make your choice as a good choice based on your parents skills and up bringing.  Good Luck !!  Let me hear from some dads.

Thanks Paul D Cookson  AKA The Stay @ Home Dad.


Dad’s Daily Dose Of Knowledge !!!

My Daughter’s Sleep over.

Well my daughter’s sleep was a little calmer then before. She had over some great girls and well it was toned down. It’s great to see your kids grow and see what kind of friends they make in life. But the food is crazy sometimes, the girl’s  ate pizza,ice cream, popcorn, and a great movie called Cloud 9 it was great.  More sleep over’s to come in the future. Woooo Hoooo !!!

Let the games begin.

Thanks, Paul D Cookson